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Weak Signal VHF by Tim Marek - K7XC

Weak Signal VHF

In these pages I will try to share with you the wonders I have come to think of as "Weak Signal VHF".

Modes of propagation such as Moonbounce (EME), Meteor Scatter (MS), Aurora (Au), Sporadic "E" (Es), Field Aliagned Irregularities (FAI), Troposcatter (Tropo), and others.

Comical exploits of my many adventures as a avid "VHFer", VHF Contesting stories of a Mountaintop Multi-Op, Single-Op, and Rover.

Several photos to illustrate our efforts over the years and links to other "Weak Signal" oriented webpages.

Enjoy your stay and if you would like to see something else covered, I am always open to ideas.

Click for Fallon, Nevada Forecast

WX in DM09ol


The IC-746 is one awesome radio!


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