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The 6M KW Rover

Construction and Testing

Construction and Testing
Building & Testing
Grid Trip #1 - DM17, 25, 23, 36, 38, 39, 29, & DN20
Grid Trip #2 - TBD
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This page is devoted to the 6M KW Rover station owned by Pat - WX7M 
and operated by Tim - K7XC during the Summer of 2011. 

This is a peek into what makes the vehicle tick...

This project first began 2 years ago as a chat between Pat and myself over activating some rare grids in the west for the FFMA award. The idea slowly evolved over time as we discussed the many details that would need to be addressed to make such a vehicle a reality. In the following pages you will see what came of our discussions and hopefully in the near future put many of you in the log from one grid or another. 

The 6M KW Rover - Awaiting Installation
The Finished Electronics Cabinet (Mounted On Springs)

The 6M KW Rover - Inside The Electronics Cabinet
IC-PW1, IC-706mkIIg Body, 6 Muffin Fans (3 input, 3 Exhaust), 4 port coax switch built in to PW1

6M KW Rover
IC706mkIIg Body mounted in Electronics cabinet

The 6M KW Rover
IC-PW1 160-6M Solid State KW Amplifier - Built In 4 Position Ant Switch & 3 Cooling Fans (Blowing In

Care was taken to make sure this is very road worthy. All fasteners throughout the construction use either "Nylock" nuts, Safety Wire, or both, to ensure it stays together on the long rough road ahead. Pat is a excellent engineer and did most of the work by himself. I helped out during the initial planning and design as well as the final integration and testing phase

"Does This Look Like Fun Or What!"  Tim - K7XC