The Before Pictures....
The "After" Pictures...
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K7XC 2002 June VHF Contest
The Before Pictures....

First thing we did was position the tower trailer and Dave's truck, We then put my truck and tilt over mast in place & setup the 6M tent so we had a place to get out of the wind and sun to take a break while setting up.
When I went to bed at 10:30 PM, Six meters was assembled and ready to play with only a minor antenna adjustment needed before contest time. Dave stayed up till 5:30 AM assembling the 144, 222, & 432 antennas, prepping the tower trailer, and setting up the radio and amplifier..

5KW Gas Generator for the 6M Station

It's important to properly setup the Generator to minimize any
risk of fire and leave water and a shovel nearby just in case.

A good warning to the curious is helpful too...

6 ele yagi at 30' on homebrew tiltover mast. AEA loop on drive on mount and 15' of mast.

Six Meter tent and antennas.

Another angle on the 6M antennas.

Another shot of the 6M station.

The 144, 222, & 432 Station operated By Dave - W7KK

Very Pretty stack of yagis...

Shot of the tower trailer and accessory boxes

Just to give you a idea of how much stuff we bring, Just In Case....

The 144 / 222/ 432 Station in the back of Dave's truck.