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Mt Moses - DN10

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8373' Mt Moses in DN10 is one of the best VHF Contest sites in all of NV. With a perfectly flat (200' x 400') abandoned FAA radar site on top it is possible to setup a huge multi-op station fairly easily! Getting here requires a few hours of serious 4WD offroad travel from the valley floor as the road is steep in places and can be heavily rutted from the spring runoff.
From Battle Mountain, head due South on Hwy 305. Turn right at the Buffalo Valley turnoff. Head down the road towards the dry lake. Turn Left on the dirt road that goes across the flat towards the east side of the dry lake along the railroad tracks. You should be able to see the site now, high and to the South. Ignore the lower microwave site to the SE.
Near the south end of the dry lake (Near a single cinder cone on your right) turn left on Daisy Creek road and follow it up into Daisy Canyon. Work your way up the canyon to the upper meadow. Stay on the road across the flat to the base of the switchbacks near a snowcat shed.
Here you will find a sign showing you the correct route is to turn right with the Radio Site another 5 miles away. What it doesnt tell you is that this will be the longest 5 miles of your life as the road soon gets very steep and full of tight switchbacks. Right now is where every penny you ever spent on your 4x4 was well worth it. Grab first gear in 4 low and slowly grind your way to the top.
The roads final approach to the summit is from the south. Go past the Cell site on your right and follow the road up and to the left as you enter the flat from the SE corner.
Expect signals from all of CA and NV, plus parts of OR, ID, UT, MT, WY, and AZ.
This site can be very difficult to damn near impossible to get to in June due to the heavy snow pack that can accumulate during a wet winter. A trip over Memorial Day weekend to check it out is mandatory to make sure you can get there. Even then it is no guarantee as with the right conditions it can snow in the high country on any day of the year. This has happened to me before while trying to activate this site for the 1997 June VHF QSO party. Be Prepared and Be Careful!
GPS coordinates are N40.1942, W117.4118.

Hope to work you!
73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09ol... sk