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Minutes Of The Northern Nevada Microwave Society - May 2008

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Northern Nevada Microwave Society
Board of Directors Meeting 5/17/2008

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM. The entire board was present, and a quorum declared.

President Tim Stoffel first asked for minutes of the last BOD meeting.

Secretary Tim Stoffel pointed out that there are no minutes because there has not been a previous BOD meeting.

President Tim Stoffel then asked for a Treasurer's report.

Treasurer Tim Stoffel reported that there was no bank account, and therefore no treasurer's report. This also means that there cannot be any receipts, disbursements, dues collection, interest, etc.

Even year director Tim Stoffel then gave the membership report. He pointed out that there were no official memberships in the organization, as no policy for membership exists.

Vice President Tim Stoffel then suggested that there be a policy developed.

Odd year director Tim Stoffel pointed out that no policy for membership could be developed as the organization had no bylaws.

President Tim Stoffel remarked that this could be a real problem, and some thought to creating some bylaws might be considered.

Odd year director Tim Stoffel said he would look into other organizations of this type, and develop some bylaws.

President Tim Stoffel then asked for any old business.

Secretary Tim Stoffel pointed out that there had never been any other business meeting of the organization, so there was no old business to report. He did mention though that the entire BOD was starting to get a little old and set in their ways.

President Tim Stoffel then asked for any new business.

Past President Tim Stoffel suggested that we should consider having a fund-raising car wash. There was much discussion on this topic. In the end, the car wash idea was tabled because there was no bank account in which to deposit any funds.

Vice President Tim Stoffel then suggested that we consider a dues increase. This raised a firestorm of discussion.

Treasurer Tim Stoffel suggested again that a bank account be established before any dues increase be considered.

Even year director Tim Stoffel suggested we still needed bylaws in order to set policy and standards (as well as dues) for membership in the first place.

Secretary Tim Stoffel asked, 'what dues'?

Finally, Vice President Tim Stoffel made a motion to raise the dues, but did not specify how much.

Past President Tim Stoffel seconded the motion. The ensuing discussion nearly broke out into an all-out argument. A lot of it concerned whether or not this was a procedural motion or would be a binding vote.

Finally, Parliamentarian Tim Stoffel finally had to calm everyone down, at which point he had to read three chapters of Robert's Rules of Order to the assembled BOD. At long last, a vote was held on the motion, which failed 2-5.

Even year director Tim Stoffel then suggested that the Northern Nevada Microwave Society might consider scheduling some operating events. The discussion that followed was interesting.

Vice President Tim Stoffel pointed out that operating events were the whole reason for a club like this to exist in the first place, and that we should schedule some. The board considered a number of events and dates.

In the end, everyone was deadlocked, and decided maybe this matter should be handled informally.

Finally, Treasurer Tim Stoffel suggested that maybe a Barbecue event be planned to talk this matter over informally.

Odd year director Tim Stoffel pointed out that since all members of the BOD were obligate carnivores, and 'had table manners like a bunch of lions' , this would be a good idea.

So finally Past President Tim Stoffel moved that a Barbecue event be planned for Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at 2 PM in the afternoon.

Odd year director Tim Stoffel seconded the motion.

There was no discussion, and the motion passed 7-0, with much licking of chops. Unfortunately, a heated discussion then broke out over where the Barbecue should be held.

Treasurer Tim Stoffel pointed out that Tim Marek, K7XC liked to do these sorts of things, and that maybe a general invitation to attend should be put out to all who were known to be associated with the organization.

Odd year director Tim Stoffel made a motion that the event should be at K7XC's place.

Past president Tim Stoffel seconded. With little discussion, the motion passed 7-0.

Vice President Tim Stoffel then called for adjournment of the meeting, with Even year director Tim Stoffel seconding.

The motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 6:02 PM.

-- Tim Stoffel, Secretary

Seriously Though...

The NNMS was formed at a similar BBQ held August 2007 at the home of Tim Marek - K7XC. In attendance was Tim - K7XC, Tim - NS9E, Jack - NA7RF (Or was it AE7DX, or was he W6NF by then, Hmmmmmmm??) and Bobby - W6JYT.

We all decided it was time to officially declare the NNMS a functioning body of like minded individuals who would help each other in their various pursuits within Amateur Radio but at the same time dispense with all the rigorous rules and red tape of most organizations and concentrate on getting the job done while just having fun.

When Tim - NS9E retired to the restroom for a moment the rest of us held an election, railroaded him into every position on the board possible, declared the results final and resolute, all before Tim came back to join the discussion.

With his typical good natured smile and nod of the head he accepted the heavy weight of managing the goings on of such a non traditional group of diverse individuals.

We have had nothing but FUN ever since.

Becoming A Member

If you would like to join the NNMS just drop Tim Marek - K7XC a line at his Email as shown on the QRZ website.

Thanks for the interest and have an Excellent Day!

Posted to the web by NNMS Webmaster, Tim - K7XC,
2:51AM May 19th 2008.

NNMS Charter Membership
L-R: Tim K7XC, Jack W6NF, Bobby W6JYT, Tim NS9E

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