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Toppled Tower, AB-577 & Remaining ants.

All K7XC Antennas - Dec 2009 - DM09nm

Pics of the wreckage
AB-577 Mast Installed
Finished 160M Inv L and 4 ele 6M Yagi
All K7XC Antennas - Dec 2009 - DM09nm
Pics of the station equipment - Nov/Dec 2009

K7XC as seen from the front driveway (Dec 2009)
AB-577 (4ele 6M & 160M Inv L), R5 Vert, 80/40 Inv Vees 30' Mast, CL33 Atop Garage

Ice covered Classic 33 at 30' atop garage roof tower,

Ice Covered 80/40/10M Fan Inv Vees @ 30'

Overall view of Ice Covered K7XC Antennas
AB-577 W/160M Inv L & 4ele 6M Yagi, Inv Vees, CL33 Tribander, R5 Vert